Saturday, April 4, 2015

keeps getting better xo

my new sewing room gets better every day...i love my big ass ironing board and the new curtain in the corner is made w my favorite ikea fabric

nick mounted an awesome pegboard for me a few days ago...along w a new shop light

and he also helped me re-purpose this ikea cd holder as a fat quarter cupboard

and i know i  already mentioned my  7' by 8' design wall...but it bears repeating cuz it is all so very awesome and i LOVE it...he is working on my last request for a cutting table...we r re-purposing an old table w shop legs ordered from home depot ~ thanks to faith for that idea xo

and meanwhile i have been busy sewing ~ i have had so much fun making this surprize custom chunky log cabin...
and i finished up joyce's  cut press sew quilts

it is a bee in my bonnet lori holt pattern

sew cute... machine quilted loop the loop

this is also joyce's american jane abc quilt  done w loop the loop

happy easter xo pam


  1. Totally jealous of this beautiful space! Mine would be bigger if I'd stop buying fabric!!

  2. Congratulations on your new sewing room !!!

  3. Love the pegboard. (And those blocks on your design board!) The room in my house that I'm hoping to turn into my sewing room strangely has the same colour walls and similar rug colour - though mine is a basement room - seeing this pictures has inspired me to get going!


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