Friday, November 21, 2014

a new car,a hockey game, some pumpkin goodness and customer time

SEW very happy ~ found this cute decal from lillybelledesigns  at keepsake cottage in bothell
traded my kia forte in for a vw tiguan

went to whl hockey game at comcast arena ~ everett's silvertips v kamloop's blazers... so fun... felt very canadian

baked and pureed  two heirloom pumpkins that isaac and ani grew...felt like a pumpkin factory in my kitchen, it made over 40 cups of awesomeness and i also made the best ever pumpkin lasagna with it [i couldn't find my exact recipe but if you add toasted walnuts and blue cheese to this one you will not be sorry] i soooo  highly recommend it if you have never made it  xo

susan's french general triangle quilt is done w diamond back ~ i love how easy it flows thru this quilt

patty's star quilt is done w all over star and loop ~ she made this special for her son in law who just became a us citizen xo
corey's awesome red, white and black quilt is done w tortoise shell spiral ~ so fun

lindy's HAPPY  blue and yellow triangle quilt is done w a variation from packer wave ~ i love how simple this is

and i am finishing another one of lindy's today w dizzy izzy

so i have been busy catching up in the sewing room with some very beautiful quilts...feeling lucky to have such a great job...hoping to stay on top of things this busy holiday find a bit of crafting time.
also not blogging so  much  cuz i have discovered instagram ~  a much better fit for me these days~ find me here if you like xo
happy friday xo pam

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