Monday, November 28, 2011

happy town times three

i made these fun quilts last christmas and gave them to my now i am making one for me...for some dining room tis the season fun....

first i make a very big mess

i like to use scraps but i also cut way too many new strips

then i sew a bunch of random strips together
and then i just play and have fun

i never get tired of the possibilities

i love to use the fun selveges

i got the first row complete....

so cute...makes me happy happy
gotta have my canada flag....
hope to finish this up on the longarm tomorrow cuz i need to get back to working on the customer was so fun to work on a little something for's  really starting to feel like christmas!!


  1. Oh Pam, what cuteness! I'm totally inspired.

  2. Hope you bring this on the 10th. So cute!

  3. That looks like such fun, something like it is now on my list, thanks for sharing!

  4. That is so cute!! And such a happy runner!!

  5. I love the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag! So cute!!


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